Our mission is to reduce the global impact of infectious diseases through the development of affordable innovative products, with a special focus on those diseases affecting people in low- and middle income countries. Many infectious diseases don’t have a vaccine or a cure, and if they exist they are not widely available because of manufacturing, distribution or pricing issues. The doubtful commercial viability of these drugs makes them unattractive for most pharmaceutical companies.

We pursue a new business model in the pharmaceutical industry based on widespread availability of our products.


Our core technology is a broad-spectrum antiviral that acts as a scaffold to prepare oral live attenuated viral vaccines, oral antiviral therapies and other, non-pharmaceutical products.

We have data with several viruses, including Dengue, Zika, influenza and HIV. Our next milestone is the full structural characterization of the antiviral molecule. For this we will use SARS-CoV-2. This work will be performed by our collaborators at SUNY Buffalo.

We are also exploring its use to reduce transmission by mosquitoes, with our collaborators at The University of the West Indies in Jamaica.


Jesús Purroy, PhD is a scientist entrepreneur who leads the company since its incubation in 2015. He is supported by collaborators at SUNY Buffalo and The University of the West Indies.

Ŕvida Biotech has an Advisory Board that includes experts in global health, drug discovery and infectious diseases.

Sustainable Development Goals

We have four Sustainable Development Goals at the core of our definition of success.

In particular, we believe that we can reduce inequalities in access to life-saving medicines through a new kind of business model.

Since this is a project with a global reach, we want to involve local stakeholders so that they can have a meaningful participation in the value chain.


We have raised ~€250K from founders, angel investors and bank loans.

In the near term we need €500K to complete the characterization of our core product. In 2022 we will need €2.5 million to complete the preclinical work on our first indication.

We prioritize mission-oriented investors.

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