A multitalented team
developing a breakthrough product
to achieve widespread access and measurable impact


We have validated our antiviral with several viruses in vitro, and we have proof of concept of oral vaccination against Dengue in a mouse model.


Jesús Purroy, PhD · Entrepreneur
Doctor in Biology (University of Barcelona) and IESE PDD. He worked as a biomedical researcher in academia and industry in Europe and the USA. In 2007 he joined the Barcelona Science Park, where he acted on several managing positions. In 2012 he co-founded a pharmaceutical company, and later he co-founded a consulting company.


Àvida Biotech was funded by its founders and by angel investors in 4Q2016. In 2019 we seek another financing round to complete the preclinical development of our lead product.
Our business model is based on selling affordable products to people at the bottom of the pyramid. Because of this, we are particularly interested in working with impact investors. Let us know if you would like to know more about our plans.

Sustainable Development Goals

We have at the core of the company four Sustainable Development Goals, and we measure our success by them.